Fresh Grape Seaweed

Fresh Grape Seaweed

  • Sale Price:260,000 vnđ
Weight : 1 kg
The product is using the Japanese technology for farming as well as processing.
Grape seaweed contains vitamins A, B, E, D and K, as well as an abundance of vitamin C and minerals.
- An excellent source of fiber which helps for digestion, helps to stabilize blood pressure.
- Proteins in seaweed are comparable with animal protein. It boosts the response of the immune system, in turn helps to control invasion of bacteria to enter the body and also helps to prevent the Cancer.
- Promotes healthier-looking skin by clearing the sweat pores on the skin to give the skin a lust, shining looking. The marine plant is naturally anti-inflammatory due to the high sulfur and amino acid content. Seaweed also helps to improve blood circulation, reducing signs of aging and also a common ingredient to help to prevent obesity.
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  • Lê Quang Lộc (30-07-2016) Reply
    Em ở phan rang ninh thuan em muon hoi anh gia goc rong nho tuoi neu duoc thi em mua de ban lai cho khach.



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