One-Sun-Dried Squid

Mực một nắng or one-sun-dried squid is a Phan Thiet specialty. The sun’s rays dry the squid a full day before five minutes of grilling complete the seafood’s journey.

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One-sun-dried squid is the famous seafood in Phan Thiet Mui Ne. Unlike other dried squids, fresh squids after being cleaned are exposed to the sun for only one day, which explains why they have been given the name one-sun-dried squids.

It is also a skill to make squids dried as appetizing ones are squids completely dried outside and still fresh inside. Then only if the squids are grilled over medium heat with chilies and lemon, do the dishes become tasty and fragrant. It is best served with chili sauce. The perfect blend between sweet, soft taste of squids and hot sauce has won many tourists” hearts, even with strict gourmets. Give yourself a chance to enjoy this yummy dish when visiting Mui Ne coastal town.

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